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Author Daniel Melichar will thoroughly walk the reader through synergistic chapters in the Book of Revelation and the Book of Daniel to leave a clear path of understanding. He uses scripture to interpret scripture to unravel mysteries about the end times. He writes from a pastor's heart with a desire for sound teaching, and keeps as close as possible to what is plainly written in the Bible. See how simple it is to understand the Book of Revelation!


Thank you for your interest in
Faith's Victory Church!

   Please pray this from your heart out loud to
                                   be saved:     
    “God, I come to you in repentance.  Please     
  forgive me for of all my past sins.  I confess   
    you, Jesus, as my Lord and Savior. Please 
 help me live the righteous life that you desire from me.  I forgive everyone who has hurt me.         
     Thank you for your forgiveness.  In Jesus  
                             name, amen.”

Are You Looking For An Exciting, Powerful, And Personable Church??Experience The Power And Love Of God At A Church That Is Excited
About Jesus And Learn Practical Knowledge Of God’s Word At

   We will teach you how to have better marriages, stronger kids, closer relationships, fellowship with God, a sense of meaning and purpose, and discover what God has called you to do with your life. You will learn the wonderful way God made for us to have eternal life and be with Him forever.

    Are you hurting? Feeling hopeless? Depressed? Confused? Scared? Worried about life and the future? Anxious? Tormented in your mind? You will learn the powerful tools God gave us so you can get out of that MESS, and receive God’s blessings of emotional health, stability in an uncertain world, peace, freedom from fear and confusion, confidence, joy, love, provision, answered prayers, and healthy relationships with others.

   We are a caring church and want to get to know you on a personal level and be there when you need us night or day. Come grow with us in the Word of God!!!

   I personally invite you this week to have fellowship with us! 

Pastor Dan Melichar, 
Faith's Victory Church
RHEMA Bible Training College Alumni 
Ordained Minister

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